LJC Bank


One has a Personal ID Money card to be kept that is swipe-able. The ‘auxiliary cards’ are for giving money to and receiving money from other people to be given by banks in 250 bundle packs.

You cannot put money in with your personal card and money cannot be taken out of the bank with either card.

The auxiliary cards have a chip to prevent slight fraud.

The I.D. Money card can be used as a cheque.

If there is not enough space to write the amount on the card, additional cards can be used.

The mothers maiden name is also on the card.

Optionally, the card can also be used as a form of identification (like a passport or a license).

I.D. Money can be slowly indoctrinated into the monetary system.

All names and nicknames are to be put onto the card thus no numbers are required, even PIN numbers are obsolete and cash machines are no longer required.

The card has a photo, signature and details of any distinguishable marks.

Large banks and building societies are not needed.

This is a cashless system so that there can be no money robberies apart from theft of the cards themselves saving the government money. If the swipe card does not work then the write-able card can be used instead.

Members of a business have to use their own names and they cannot use the business name.

Children will need to join a bank/building society from age 5.

The cards cannot be passed on & vending machines would be swipeable.

There is no limit on the I.D.-Money swipe card if the customer shows their card first.

If cards are stolen an auxilliary card block can be put on their account.

Cheques ‘ie’ I.D.-Money cannot be sent by post to a bank/ building society.

7 Great Reasons for ID-Money

  1. No more cash robberies.
  2. No more money fraud.
  3. No more cash machines.
  4. No more coins or notes.
  5. No more banks or building socities.
  6. No more numbers.
  7. No more PINs.

When other people give you their ID money cards with the amount written in, you take the ID money to the bank where the bank teller types the amount into your account on a computer. They then cut the card in half. However if there is not enough money in the other persons account the bank teller gives the complete card back to you.